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Food shortage in a major US, EU, or UK city by Jun 2020?


Novel coronavirus (COVID-19), as denoted by the World Health Organization, also known as Wuhan coronavirus or Wuhan seafood market pneumonia virus, is a positive-sense, single-stranded RNA coronavirus first reported in 2019 and genomically sequenced after nucleic acid testing on a positive patient sample in a patient with pneumonia during the 2019-2020 Wuhan pneumonia outbreak.

A situation summary from the US Centers for Disease Control is available here.

Will a major metropolitan area in the US, EU or the UK experience a food shortage due to COVID-19 before June 6th, 2020?

The question resolves positively if a major newspaper (NYT, WaPo, etc.) reports about a food shortage, i.e. low to none stocks of food, drink and other necessities in shops, as judged by a Metaculus admin. The shortage must occur before before June 6th and last for 3 or more days. This should directly or indirectly caused by COVID-19 in a major metropolitan area. Note that for the purpose of this question, we are disqualifying Wuhan from counting toward positive resolutions.

A metropolitan area is considered major if it has population greater than 2M people as reported by wikipedia.

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