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How many confirmed new COVID-19 cases per day will there be in New York City for the week of June 15th to June 21st?


The killing of George Floyd has sparked widespread protests across the United States. With these protests come large crowds, and news articles have started highlighting the risk of a resurgence of COVID-19. Shouting, chanting, singing, and coughing from tear gas and pepper balls could spread droplets and increase the rate of spread. On the other hand, widespread use of masks and being outdoors might work to reduce this risk. This is all occurring against a backdrop of increased mobility and the easing of lockdowns.

This question focuses on New York City, which has seen both a reduction in cases from a peak of 6368 confirmed cases on April 6th, and widespread protesting, with the first protests beginning on May 28th. New York City has not entered phase one of reopening, but is slated to begin on June 8th.

This question asks what the average of confirmed new cases per day will be for June 15th to June 21st (7 days, inclusive of both endpoints) as calculated from values in this CSV file in the CASE_COUNT column. The values will be read two weeks later, on July 5th at 10 AM MST to account for reporting lag. If the numbers are not available, or the github repository no longer exists, the question will resolve ambiguously.

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